Polly Morton is turning forty, and she's determined to celebrate her birthday in style on the Oregon coast. But the beautifully packaged box of chocolate truffles someone left on her doorstep ruins Polly's plans and sparks a series of hair-raising events that are soon spiraling out of control. It's up to Polly to untangle the mess and solve a murder before it's too late.

Doctored Truffles was awarded a Finalist medal in the "Mystery" category of the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

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Suzanne Grant is the award-winning author of mystery novels that are set in Oregon. Although her novels take place in current-day, she laces them with romance and intriguing events in Oregon history. Through strong development of characters and settings, she weaves mystery-driven tales that transport readers into unique times and places.

 Award-winning Author of Mystery Novels

A mysterious letter brings Lizzy Stewart back to her deserted childhood home in Central Oregon's High Desert outback. As Lizzy strives to make peace with her past and solve the riddle of a friend's death, she's plagued by her annoying neighbor Sam Craig. Soon unsettling occurrences around the Stewart farm force Lizzy to reconsider her return to the secluded setting. Should she stay and solve the mystery or heed the threats and leave?

Tattered Lace was awarded a Finalist medal in the "General Fiction Novel (Over 80,00 Words)" category of  the  2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and an Honorable Mention award in the Southern California Book Festival.

Of Tattered Lace, Writer's Digest wrote, "This narrative is tightly woven and compelling, moving at a fast pace while still allowing the reader to experience a true depth of characterization as they develop a full appreciation of the events as they take place. The characters here are fully realized, vivid and alive, and often do surprising things and/or say things that are very human, which can be rare."

Kit O'Maley attempts to track down a killer while she struggles to acclimate to her newly acquired historic home and antique shop in Oregon's antique capital, Aurora. Nosy neighbors, money-hungry kinfolk, and handed down family lore centering around Oregon's lost Blue Bucket lead her on a lighthearted sleuthing adventure.

Writer's Digest judged Blue Bucket to be a "good read" and applauded "Suzanne's authenticity about Oregon and her insight into history ...." Of her heroine, Kit: she is "very real, and she threads this story from its beginning, climax, and ending ...." And "the Blue Bucket, the star of this story, was made just tantalizing enough that I'd like to find it."

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