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Suzanne Grant is the award-winning author of three mystery novels set in Oregon. She spent her growing up years in Central Oregon's rural farm setting, where she learned to appreciate  her native state's beauty, its cultural and geographic diversity, its people, and, in particular, its historical mysteries. Prevalent in her writing is her fascination with the ways in which the past reaches out to influence our lives today. Suzanne laces her writing with romance and Oregon history and flavor. Through strong development of characters and setting, she weaves mystery-driven tales that transport readers into unique times and places.

Doctored Truffles

Polly Morton is turning forty, and she's determined to celebrate her birthday in style on the Oregon coast in Suzanne's latest novel, Doctored Truffles. But the beautifully packaged box of chocolate truffles someone leaves on her doorstep ruins Polly's plans and sparks a series of hair-raising events that are soon spiraling out of control. It's up to Polly to untangle the mess before it's too late.

Blue Bucket

In Blue Bucket, Kit O'Maley tries to track down a killer while she struggles to  acclimate to her newly acquired historic home and antique shop in Oregon's antique capital, Aurora. Nosy neighbors, money-hungry kinfolk, and handed down family lore centering around Oregon's lost Blue Bucket mine lead her on a lighthearted sleuthing adventure

Writer's Digest judged Blue Bucket to be a "good read" and applauds "Suzanne's authenticity about Oregon and her insight into history..." Of her heroine, Kit: she is "very real, and she threads this story from its beginning, climax, and ending..." And "the Blue Bucket, the star of this story, was made just tantalizing enough that I'd like to find it."

Tattered Lace

A mysterious letter brings Lizzy Stewart back to her deserted childhood home in Central Oregon's High Desert outback in Tattered Lace. As Lizzy strives to make peace with her past and solve the riddle of a friend's death, she's plagued by her annoying closest neighbor, Sam Craig. Soon unsettling occurances around the Stewart farm force Lizzy to reconsider her return to the secluded setting. Should she stay and solve the mystery or heed the threats and leave?

Of Tattered Lace, Writer's Digest  wrote, "This narrative is tightly woven and compelling, moving at a fast pace while still allowing the reader to experience a true depth of characterization as they develop a full appreciation of the events as they take place. The characters here are fully realized, vivid and alive, and often do surprising things and/or say things that are very human, which can be rare."

Tattered Lace was recently selected as one of four finalists in the General Fiction/Novel (Over 80,000 words) category in the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and an Honorable Mention award in the Southern California Book Festival.

To learn more about Doctored Truffles, Tattered Lace, and Blue Bucket, check out Suzanne's "Books" page by clicking on the above link. If you'd like to read excerpts from her novels, you can do so at and smashwords.

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Here's what readers are saying about Suzanne's writing:

If you enjoy a good mystery, you will enjoy Doctored Truffles. It balances mystery, suspense and romance in a very entertaining way with lots of interesting characters. Ms. Grant does a great job introducing, then expanding, the elements of the plot in a way that keeps the reader guessing what is coming next. By the end of the book, Polly, Stan, Denise, George, Javier, Phil, Colton, and many others were well identified and their actions described. Polly's thoughts also helped drive this story, including her questions, fears, loves and more. This book was also interesting to me since I worked on the Oregon Coast area it was set in, so many of the landmarks mentioned were familiar. Suzanne's ability to establish and maintain the story using well-developed characters and events make this one you will not want to put down.
- LS (Doctored Truffles)

Had to read all three of her books. Liked the coastal setting, as I grew up in Newport. She gives you lots of options on who dunnit, but I can never pinpoint the actual killer. Hard to put down.
- NL (Doctored Truffles)

Captivating, superbly written and immersed in mystery, intrigue and romance! A must read! I LOVED this book! The plot was engaging and kept me hungry for more. As usual, the characters were vividly described. I could picture them as I read. I was intrigued by the intertwining of the story lines. Ms. Grant skillfully wove the details of historical events, mystery and romance. She kept me guessing from beginning to end! I highly recommend this novel and the author. If you have not read her other books, Blue Bucket and Tattered Lace, you need to put them on your must read list!! They are so well written that the plot and characters stay with you forever! I would love to be able to read a sequel to any or all of her books. Just delightful.
- Artist 1 (Doctored Truffles)

A well written story. Fast moving. The author is quickly becoming a great writer.
- GW (Doctored Truffles)

Thank you for your recent novel. I just read it and loved it. You are doing such a great job. I have a Kindle but I bought the book on Amazon in paper format. I liked the format of the book too. The texture of the cover was very pleasant.
- FM (Doctored Truffles)

Bought your book last weekend at the Bee Crafty fair. Sat down that night and read the first 100 pages. Couldn't put it down and finished it the next day. Told you I would email you and tell you how I liked it. It was a very good read. Kept me very entertained. Was VERY delighted when you mentioned that Lizzy used to climb up into the barn as a young girl and read her Trixy Beldon novels. Now I know where you got your love of mysteries. I was also an avid Trixy Beldon reader. I will pass this book around to fellow readers and plan on getting the Blue Bucket book as I have studied quite a bit about the Meek train. Thank you for giving us all something to entertain us so well. Keep writing. You have a gift.
- BC (Tattered Lace)

A letter that is delivered twenty five years "LATE", plus the person who wrote it is dead, creates all sorts of mayhem. Starting with insinuation of murder, attempted murder, threats of murder, and of course murder. The murder part happened over twenty five years ago, all the rest starts when the main character moves into her grandparents' home that has been vacant for twenty five years. The story starts out a little slow while its building up the plot and introducing the unruly neighbors and hostile town folk and to make it more intriguing, there are more twists and turns in this story than there are in a can of worms. The who dunnits will have a great time playing Sherlock Holmes while reading this one.
- Hobbiescat (Tattered Lace)

From the very first page I was intrigued by the storyline of Tattered Lace and found it hard to put the book down and stop reading about Lizzie and Sam. Although I am a native Oregonian, I know very little about life in Central Oregon especially in the last century and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the area through the main characters. Definitely a book I would recommend for a satisfying read especially with the Oregon connection.
 - DB (Tattered Lace)

This story is a real charmer. When I started reading this story, I found myself chuckling. And this is a murder mystery? is! The author has an outstanding ability while you would be reading potentially boring parts, she has very cleverly inserted humor, lots of it. What she has done is created humor in the beginning while the story is building up then gradually reducing the humor as the drama starts to take over. In essence, you are captivated from the start to the finish. This is the second book written by Suzanne Grant that I have read and they were both very good and enjoyable.
-Hobiescat (Blue Bucket)

Blue Bucket has it all. Suzanne Grant has put everything I love in a mystery novel.There's art, murder, romance and a puzzle to figure out. Keep writing, Suzanne, I loved it.    
- RM (Blue Bucket)

Excellent Book!
 This is an excellently written book. The author is my cousin and she and I both grew up in Central Oregon. I loved that she put our grandpa's barn on the cover! Her characterizations are spot on. Her dialogues are the same - absolutely authentic. The vernacular is perfect. The story itself is truly good, I walked the land with her as I read, her descriptions are so vivid and so true to life. Western Ranch Life has a culture all its own. And YES, I capitalized 'Western Ranch Life' on purpose! If you have ever wondered how it is to grow up that way, read this book. It is a hard life, but it has its own unique beauty, and the author did a wonderful job of characterizing that.    
- RCR (Tattered Lace)

This book is really hard to put down once you get started, and the mystery kept me guessing the whole time!
- BW (Tattered Lace)

I really enjoyed reading this book. Full of suspense and didn't figure out the "who did it" so was surprised at the end! Could not put the book down!   
- SB (Tattered Lace)

This novel came highly recommended and I certainly will pay it forward. You can tell the author enjoyed creating the engaging cast of characters and spinning a web for Kit to find her way out of. That historic backdrop also entertained as I learned a bit of history about an area in my backyard that I wasn't familiar with. I now have some stories to tell when I come across these areas of Oregon and perhaps do some treasure hunting.    
- Cubanzi (Blue Bucket) 

I am a friend of M.B. and was the happy recipient of a gift from her of your book, Blue Bucket. What a delightful read. You have really hit the mark with this being a first novel. I so enjoyed your colorful and descriptive writing style. I felt like I was there! The town of Aurora and its history came to life. Your characters were interesting and
well developed. I enjoyed the family twists and, of course, the love interests going on. Sometimes, books are left with the endings up in the air. I appreciated your finishing off with full details as to the stories conclusion. Thanks for the great entertainment. I hope there will be more of your writing in the future. Congratulations on a fine mystery.    
BJ T (Blue Bucket)

Your book was really good! One night I stayed up until almost 1:00 a.m. reading and I never once suspected xxxxxxxxxx. I brought your book to our meeting to share. It's getting passed around. I'm using your Blue Bucket postcard as my bookmark. Great job, Suzanne!
CB (Blue Bucket)

Loved the book! Couldn't put it down. It was great reading about Oregon and knowing what roads they were
driving on
and towns they were in. Great read!    
(Blue Bucket)

We LOVED your book. Excellent and we are passing it around to our whole family.
(Blue Bucket)

I've just finished your book and wanted to let you know. Great structure getting those events, the history and characters, all connected and lined up for the resolution. Very nicely done! I'd say it was a "can't put down" mystery!!    
(Blue Bucket)

My bff gave me your book for my birthday present in July. I have meant to email you to tell you how much I enjoyed the book. I really did and it is already in one of my sister's hands and it will continue to journey to other book lovers for a couple of months. I loved the lightness of your writing and word choice. I hated for it to finish so count me in as one of your fans!!  
(Blue Bucket)

Really enjoyed this book - liked the characters and the way they interacted with one another. It was interesting to learn about some of Oregon's history. Kept me reading late into the night trying to discover who the murderer was. Did tire of the word
loves to read
(Blue Bucket)

I loved it! I grew up in the area where this book took place. I could visualize the landscape and buildings while I read it. What a special addition to an already great story. I loved it. I have already
and will continue to recommend this book to my friends.    
(Blue Bucket)

A suspenseful read! Suzanne Grant has provided us with a wonderful mystery in her first novel, Blue Bucket. She weaves intriguing threads throughout her plot, involving many characters and had me guessing about the murderer right up to the end. Was it one of the long-lost relatives, a neighbor, or maybe her incompetent school administrators? Through clear and detailed descriptions of these eccentric characters, I felt that I knew them well and was captivated! Never letting go of a suspenseful pace, the story progresses rapidly and I didn't want to put it down. I even learned some history along the way. Looking for the sequel - hopefully soon! ...
- Sam (Blue Bucket)

Could not put it down. I loved this book! It is a delightful mystery and so much more. The plot is masterfully written and laced with humor, history, romance and intrigue. I could not put it down. I read it from start to finish in 5 hours! The characters are vividly depicted. I am still thinking about them and yearning for a sequel. The plot is rich in details. As the clues unfold, the reader can't help but speculate about various scenarios and possible suspects. This novel keeps you in suspense until the last minute, when the villain is exposed. I absolutely loved it!! I will be looking for more novels written by Suzanne Grant...she is definitely at the top of my list!    
artist 1 (Blue Bucket)

The best mystery novel I've ever read! As an avid reader of mystery novels, I had begun to tire of the stereotypical personalities of the main characters, underdeveloped relationships, and the lack of care taken into weaving these relationships into the plot. This book has restored my passion for mystery! The main character, Kit O'Maley, was given a detailed back-story and shared her inner most thoughts, providing her with a unique personality that made you feel like her longstanding friend. I was doubly intrigued by the historical information provided regarding the blue bucket gold and the quaint town of Aurora. Suzanne Grant artistically wove together a mystery, a romance, and history to create an edge-of-your-seat read. This novel was masterfully written; I hope that Suzanne writes a sequel! I find myself missing Kit, her wildly unreserved neighbor, and her budding romance. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery. I can't wait for more!
- Krissy7
Blue Bucket)

Thoroughly enjoyed Blue Bucket. Fun driving through Aurora and thinking about your book every time. When is your next novel coming out?
(Blue Bucket)

Worth its weight in gold.
Blue Bucket is a gem of a mystery! Its compelling, original characters weave a literal village tale as old as time, their motivations as sinister and as heart-wrenching as any of those of Agatha Christie. Heroine Kit O'Maley's passions, however, are as fresh as the latest Sandra Brown novel. The perfect weekend read, I defy anyone to put it down without annoyance at the interruption. Suzanne Grant's Blue Bucket is a clever package which not only weaves an absorbing mystery tale but manages to delight with a fair amount of interesting trivia about multiple subjects, including the inner workings of an elementary school, Civil War reenactments, and the true-life unsolved mystery of Oregon's Blue Bucket mine. Intelligently written and beautifully paced, Ms. Grant is a gifted writer. The book begs for a sequel; I for one am keeping my fingers crossed.    
Parmelia (Blue Bucket)

I finished it!!! Good job. You had me fooled, and I consider myself a good detective! I didn't guess that xxxxxxxxx was the xxxxxxx, but I suppose I should have seen it coming. You had some geat characters, by the way. Loved little Sophie . . . my favorite cat was named Sophie, but she didn't run around the neighborhood in pink nighties! Good story; interesting; believable; entertaining and it moved along at a great pace. I even learned a few things! Good work. Keep ém comin'!!    
- LV
(Blue Bucket)

Yesterday, I finished reading Cousin Sue's new book, BLUE BUCKET, by Suzanne Grant of Oregon. I would describe it as a mystery novel with some romance. It is set in Oregon. She makes sure the BOONE family is
mentioned in relation to BOONE'S Ferry and Road several times. There are many exciting parts and some that really touch your heart. I hated to come to the end of the book. Hopefully, she will do a sequel.    
- IL (Blue Bucket)

It is appropriate that Tattered Lace was named after a woven material, since author Suzanne Grant masterfully weaves together a plot involving present day characters with events from decades past. Her ability to have Lizzy, Sam or one of her other very genuine characters think back to a previous time and then return seamlessly to the present was especially impressive to me. Knitting together the number of her characters introduced gradually throughout her story would be very daunting task to many authors, but Grant successfully ties them together at the end of her yarn. Yet another part of the fabric of this quilt was her ability to use questioning to advance the plot and keep the reader guessing about the role of a particular character played in a long ago event; even intertwining characters who had lived their lives and were no longer around to question about their actions. This book grabs your attention from the beginning as she stitches together the pieces elicited from a note written twenty fives years earlier but just now received by the main character.. This was an excellent read and leaves the reader with the desire to see what Sam and Lizzy and crew will be up to in the next installment of what could be a wonderful series, if sewn together.
LS (Tattered Lace)


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